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About Camp

Multinational Basketball Academy

The MBA Basketball Camp was created from a wish of being able to pass on the many years of knowledge, gathered from working with different selections of basketball players, to a nine-day concentrated camp that will work on improving basketball skills of players from all different ages and skill levels.

While staying and working at various short-term and long-lasting basketball camps in Serbia and abroad, we have been able to pick up some great pointers and lessons, while also learning from the mistakes of others. We are going to apply these experiences to our camp and get the most out of them.

The camp will be held at the Lepenski Vir Hotel, on a gentle hill above the river of Danube, which is a beautiful natural environment. We made sure that the location of the camp would satisfy both the needs of the camp for training purposes, as well as the needs of the campers for leisure, entertainment programs, shops and etc.

The coaching staff at the MBA camp are licensed basketball coaches with many years of experience working with different selections of basketball players. The work is carried out under expert supervision and by the program of our two professional associates who are distinguished representatives and successful coaches of their basketball teams and of some national selections of Serbia.

The MBA camp will be divided into two parts depending on the age of the campers.

Maxi MBA includes both female and male players divided in three categories (U20, U18, U16), and includes professional work depending on the customized program for this age and skill level. For more information, see Maxi.

The Mini MBA includes younger players divided in four categories (U14, U12, U10, U8) and it is unique in this area both by its program and by the activities not related to basketball, designed to give young basketball players something more. For more information, see Mini.