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Participants of an individual MBA camp can expect nine-day program of individual trainings, 2 per day in a group of 1-4 players. It turned out that in modern basketball it is not possible to achieve satisfactory progress without the use of this form of training.

Individual training sessions include benefits like: Large number of repetitions of certain elements of the technique, the coach's commitment to the players individually, correcting certain details of the game and also psychological and motivational work with each participant in particular.

The plan and methodology are those that make a difference in individual training quality. On the individual MBA camp, the first training is used for evaluation, which determines how and what will be done during the duration of the camp. It is very important to set realistic goals and tasks.

Coaches of the MBA camp that do individual trainings are open to each type of cooperation, both on campus and off-campus. Within the individual camp, it is possible to expand training to work in the gym (for 16+ years old), of course, with the special supervision of the fitness trainer.