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MBA Maxi (U20, U18, U16)

The Maxi MBA will work with players who already have some knowledge and a certain level of technical and tactical skills (15+). The coach's responsibility is to improve the existing tactical and technical capabilities of the players as well as to point out some problems and shortcomings and to correct them. The goal is that each participant of the Maxi MBA exits the camp as a better and stronger player. The experience of our licensed trainers guarantees success in achieving this goal.

It implies work by groups of female and male players of the same or similar age, as well as the agreed level of basketball skills. The training takes place in groups of 16 up to a maximum of 20 players. The program is conducted in two daily training, 90 minutes each.

MBA Maxi includes:

  • work according to the program of our professional associates
  • 2 training per day, 90 minutes each
  • working with experienced licensed coaches
  • fitness program (16+) - optional
  • use of soccer field - optional
  • use of indoor swimming pool 24/7
  • doctor 24/7
  • The assistance of a physical therapist 24/7
  • nutrition program
  • friendly matches with teams of same or similar ages from Serbia

In the evening, campers of the MBA Maxi Camp, will have various competitions organized like: one to one, two to two, competition in a shoot, competition in a shoot for 3 points, a dunk contest (if interested). Winners in some of the competitions await prizes and each participant of the camp will receive diploma. Final competitions in all of these disciplines are held on the last day.

Within the MBA Maxi Camp, it is possible to include a package of 9 individual training courses that take place between the two collective trainings on a daily basis.

We are waiting for you!

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