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The Mini MBA option is likely to be offered for the first time in the Southeast Europe. The participants of this camp are boys and girls under the age of 14, and for them a special program is designed, which besides basketball includes many other daily activities.

We think that in addition to everyday basketball training, children of this age should experience other things. The idea of the creator of this camp is to offer girls and boys 9-days content in which different activities not related to basketball will also be included.

In addition to becoming familiar with pure basketball skills and knowledge, we are aware that the period from preschool to the age of 13-14 years is a period in which the development of motor skills can be most affected (speed, flexibility, strength, speed endurance, coordination ...) . We are addressing this issue by hiring a professional trainer (Raluca Ciuchita). The mini MBA program includes daily work on improving motor skills.

For the participants from 8 to 10 years old, special attention has been paid to:

  • improving the fundamental skills of walking and running
  • work on improving general speed and movement speed
  • development of mobility and coordination
  • development of endurance

For ages 12 to 14, special attention has been paid to:

  • improving fundamental racing skills
  • development of explosiveness and strength
  • improving coordination in movement and flexibility
  • development of speed and fatigue resistance (endurance)
  • integrating all these capabilities in the function of basketball game

An English professor, hired especially for the needs of the MBA Mini Camp, will be responsible for teaching children basic basketball expressions through the active program in English. This part of the camp is optional and contains nine 45-minutes classes (one daily), which will take place in the beautiful nature that surrounds the Lepenski Vir hotel.

A physical therapist engaged inside the MBA Camp will have the responsibility to notice and point out various physical development problems of our campers. The second goal set for the therapist is to inform the campers about the basic principles of the human body functioning, as well as about the correct behavior, nutrition, etc.

Making new friendships by organizing friendly matches with peers at the camp or Serbian teams with the similar or same age is another goal of the MBA Mini Camp. Water games, which are an integral part of the camp for the youngest participants, are especially interesting and refreshing. For our youngest participants, we also enabled work on courts with lower height of the basketball hoops (2.85 and 2.60), as well as usage of the smaller balls in the implementation of the training process.

From the experience in working with the youngest groups (U10, U8), we know that there are problems with needs for parents, home, etc. We offer an option with 6 overnights - 7 days within the shortened MBA Mini Camp.

MBA Mini includes:

  • work according to the program of our professional associates
  • 2 trainings per day, 90 minutes each
  • work with experienced licensed coaches
  • professor of English (optional)
  • water games
  • friendly matches with teams of the same or similar ages from Serbia
  • use of soccer field (optional)
  • doctor 24/7
  • the assistance of a physical therapist 24/7
  • nutrition program by the nutritionist
  • work on basketball courts with variable height of the basketball hoops (3.05; 2.85; 2.60) and with different sizes of balls (5, 6, 7)

It should be noted that the MBA camp has, among its coaches, those who are specialized to work with the youngest categories. They are the biggest value of our MBA Mini Camp.

For participants of the MBA Mini Camp, it is possible to include a package of 9 individual trainings (1 daily), which take place between two collective trainings. Campers will also have competitions in popular disciplines: one on one, a shoot, etc. and the best participants will be rewarded.

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